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I am a spider neuro-morphologist (which means I spend most of my time looking at spider brains) who loves to paint, crochet and create. I have always loved the oddballs of the animal kingdom and I hope to tell their strange and unusual stories through art. 

Through my art, I have a chance to spend time with my subjects and in each painting or sculpture, I hope to capture some element of the animals personality.

My earliest work was done digitally and in a more graphical pen and ink style. Recently, I have moved into traditional watercolor, and although it is MUCH more challenging, I love the feel of paint on paper. 

Beyond painting, I love the challenge of replicating natural textures and shapes, such as the translucency of the jellyfish, in different mediums. 

I am just starting out on this journey and I hope that you will join me as I develop and explore all things strange and unusual.

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